What is Cooper’s Law

Coopers Law was recently signed in legislation in New York City. It is a Local Law to amend the administrative code of the city of New York, in relation to traffic violations and serious crashes.

Section 1.  Chapter 5 of title 19 of the administrative code of the city of New York is amended by adding a new section 19-541 to read as follows:
§19-541 Serious crashes. Where a driver licensed by the commission has been issued a summons for or charged with one or more traffic related violations or crimes in a crash in which any person has suffered critical injury or death, the license issued to such driver by the commission may be summarily suspended consistent with the rules of the commission regarding summary suspensions, and, upon conviction of such driver of one or more of the violations or crimes stated in the summons or such charges and upon a determination that one or more of such violations or crimes for which conviction occurred was a cause of such critical injury or death, such license shall be revoked.  A summary suspension pursuant to this section may be lifted pursuant to the rules of the commission or upon dismissal of all such charges or upon a finding of not guilty of all of the stated traffic related violations and crimes, except that the commission may continue to suspend such license pursuant to section 19-540 of this chapter.  For purposes of this section, “critical injury” shall mean any injury determined to be critical by the emergency medical service personnel responding to such crash. This section shall not limit in any way the commission’s authority to summarily suspend a driver licensed by the commission for other reasons.
§2.  This local law shall take effect ninety days following enactment into law, except that the taxi and limousine commission shall take all necessary action, including the promulgation of rules, prior to such effective date.

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